The HotLine is a dummy load and line-out solution designed to work with any HotBox power attenuator to enable you to record in silence. The HotLine does not provide any speaker simulation, only the raw sound of your amplifier so you must use software, such as a VST plug-in, to obtain a natural speaker sound

We are working on a FREE VST plug-in to work with this unit, but that isn't ready yet, so please be patient... :)

The HotLine does provide built-in hard output limiting protection however, so that you will never risk harming your important recording equipment.

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Technical Details

The HotLine is designed to work as a dummy load with any of our power attenuators to entirely replace your speaker.

  • The HotLine is a passive, analogue device and requires no batteries or power supply.

  • For best performance use the HotLine with a high impedance, unbalanced recording input, such as a line-in.

  • The HotLine works with any HotBox of any impedance. It's universally compatible.

  • The HotLine can be used on its own with small amplifiers of 10w and under when set to 16 ohms.

  • The HotLine does not provide any tonal shaping or speaker simulation, just a raw line out.

  • The HotLine includes built-in output limiting.