Our power attenuators will let you overload your power valves to get the glorious tone of a valve amp running at eleven, wherever you are.

HotBox 125i MkV (reactive)

Our top-of-the line multi-stage, multi-mode inductive power attenuator. Two inductive modes plus resistive to unleash the natural nuance and sensitivity of your amplifier's true tone. Fixed Venue and Studio reduction levels for repeatable perfection. Variable Jam for everything else.

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HotBox 120 MkV2 (resistive)

Our mid-level power attenuator with more power handling. Variable Jam mode to fine tune your volume and fixed Studio mode for precisely repeatable results. Two speaker outputs so no more daisy-chaing cabs.

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HotBox 60i MkV2 (reactive)

Our compact, premium attenuation solution aimed at professionals who want simplicity, repeatability, recordability and tone without compromise. Oversize inductor provides reactive impedance just like a real speaker.

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Combo Box

Non-destructive kit to add speaker output jacks to your vintage amplifier combo. Includes breakout box, correctly sized speaker terminals, Oxygen Free Copper upgrade cable and full instructions.

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Reactive Load

120 watts of silence! Our massive inductance coil lets you record the natural sound of your tubes and transformer interacting just as they do with a real speaker. Adjustable Damping and Inductance levels to fine-tune the feel of your amp right at the power stage where the magic happens.


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