Volume Boxes

With a volume box after your pedals and before your amp you get more control and more tone from your amplifier. No magic. No fuss. Just better tone and more control. It really is that simple.

AudioStorm VBM : Mono master volume control

This is a British made, very high quality volume control box.

The VBM offers smooth control, quality sockets and a large knob in a cost effective plastic enclosure.

AudioStorm VBS : Stereo / Mono Master Volume Control

This is a British made, ultra high quality volume control box for the uncompromising musician.

The VBS uses an ultra high quality British made Omeg sealed 100k Logarithmic stereo potentiometer fitted in a die cast aluminium enclosure.

The 1/4" sockets are metal-sleeved and work automatically in both stereo (TRS) and mono (TS) without adjustment so can be used in a normal pedal chain or to control a stereo signal, such as a chorus or dealy output.

Benefits of a Volume Box

Many amplifiers are designed so that their built-in volume controls change the tone as they are turned up. The Marshall JCM800, as just one example, is designed to get warmer and less harsh as you turn the volume control and this means that the only way to get that warm tone is to have the control at full.

Nearly all valve amps also use cascaded gain stages and the volume control is often in the middle of this. This means that unless you turn the volume right up on the amp the pre-amp valves don't interact and you end up stuck with a one-sound amp that quickly goes from too-clean to too-grotty and only has one sweet spot.