What is your return policy?
30 days, you pay return postage.

How quickly do you post?
99% of orders are shipped within 24 hours, many are same-day.

Where do you post to?
Everywhere we are legally allowed to.

How do you send international orders?
Orders over £50 use tracked airmail, orders under £50 use un-tracked airmail unless you request it specifically.

How quickly will I get my goods?
Usually 2-3 days in UK, 3-5 days in most of Europe, 4-7 days in remote Europe and 7-10 days for Australia, Eastern Europe, Asia and USA/Canada. This is NOT a guarantee however! Once a month something gets held up in customs (it's almost -always- customs) and then it turns up 2-6 weeks later! Sadly there is nothing we can do about this.

How do you handle customs duty?
Customs is complex so we leave that up to you. Feel free to tell us if your country has some particular requirement to ensure safe and reliable delivery and we will try to meet it.

Do I get a warranty?
Yes! All our products now have a lifetime warranty. This excludes fair wear and tear, abuse, and misuse. However, even if your item has been misused we will attempt a repair for a fair fee wherever possible.

Is it safe to shop here?
It's all handled by PayPal. You can rest easy knowing your card data is fully encrypted by a world-class organisation and backed by their guarantee. We don't have any access at all to your payment details.

Do you do custom shop?
Generally no, sorry, it's just too time-consuming and we'd have to charge you a scary amount of money. We do love to hear your ideas and they often do influence our designs, so feel free to contact us by email, on facebook or however works for you. Or if you really do have money to burn and a genuinely exciting and original idea that intrigues me, then okay, I could make an exception.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?
We try! We use recyled plastic outer bags to protect against water damage. Our inner packaging is cardboard and paper. We are trying to get away from jiffy bags and once they run out will be switching to slightly more expensive letterbox size cardboard boxes as a committment to improving our environmental impact.

Are your products really 'Made in England'?
Heck yes! 100%! In Manchester. By skilled technicians on a bench, quite often by me, the boss, because I really enjoy my work!

Will you stay small and boutique?
What even is boutique? What does that actually mean? If the chance comes to grow, we will, but we will never stop being creative, inventive, fun and with a committment to innovation and musical excellence.

Can I have a free pedal in exchange for X, Y or Z?
Get in touch! We do send out freebies on a regular basis but we get a *lot* of people asking, so you'll have to give us a convincing reason to push you to the top of the list :)

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