What is your return policy?
We are totally happy to accept returns within 14 days of receipt: This gives you a full two weeks to try out your purchase. We never quibble and we always give full refunds, never credit notes. Our absolute top priority is your satisfaction. We ask only so that you pay return postage and ensure your purchase is in undamaged condition, apart from packaging of course.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
Just click here

How quickly do you post?
Usually we post same-day but just cannot guarantee this:
Please assume that your item will be posted the next working day.

Where do you post to?

How do you send international orders?
All orders outside of the UK are always sent by fast airmail. Orders over £50 always include tracking and insurance.

How quickly will I get my goods?
Usually 2-3 days in UK, 3-5 days in most of Europe, 4-7 days in remote Europe and 7-10 days for Australia, Eastern Europe, Asia and USA/Canada. This is NOT a guarantee however! Once a month something gets held up in customs (it's almost -always- customs) and then it turns up 2-6 weeks later! Sadly there is nothing we can do about this.

How do you handle customs duty?
In practice, we find that 4 out of 5 times the products we send get delivered without import duty. We -do- complete the customs stickers, so please don't ask us not to, but many delivery services generally can't be bothered collecting. Our guess is that they are more interested in making the big companies pay up the big money. When buying, always assume you'll be the 'unlucky' one and have to pay import duty, and then if they are too lazy to collect it's a bonus.

Do I get a warranty?
Yes. Five years parts and labour, excluding fair wear and tear, such as worn out wah pots from high usage levels.

Is it safe to shop here?
It's all handled by PayPal. You can rest easy knowing your card data is fully encrypted by a world-class organisation and backed by their guarantee.

Do you do custom shop?
No, sorry, it's just too time-consuming, but we do love to hear your ideas and they often do influence our designs, so feel free to email, or, better still, join AudioStorm Innovation Factory on Facebook!

Tell me about packaging
Direct Sale packaging is minimalistic. Most items are vacuum sealed and placed into a jiffy bag for posting.

Are your products really 'Made in England'?
Yes. In Manchester. By skilled technicians on a bench, quite often by the boss himself because he enjoys the work.

Will you stay small and boutique?
If the chance comes to grow, we will, but we will never stop being creative, inventive and fun.

Can I have a free or cheap pedal in exchange for a review or as a sponsorship deal?
If you have a respectable number of video channel subscribers or are an active touring band, then sure, get in touch and we will try to work out a deal.

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