Trident Transformer Isolated ABC/Y Box

The trident is our ultra clean, triple-output, transformer-isolated boutique ABW switch box. It can silently cure earth loops and phase mismatch whilst letting you drive multiple amps or parallell signal chains with ease.

New! Now with upgraded OEP transformers

Oxford Electrical Products are a legendary British transformer manufacturer. The model we have chosen gives a richer, sweeter tone than the original Trident and has an extended frequency response of 30Hz to 30KHz so is now also ideal for bass guitar, 8 stringers and many other uses.

Currently, while stocks last, we are using NOS red enclosed OEP units so if you're really into transformers you're guaranteed something extra special. We'll update this if we run out but we have secured a great stash of these so that'll be a while yet.


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Tech specs

  • OEP transformer isolated B & C outputs to elimante earth loop hum.

  • Ground lift on B & C outputs.

  • Phase reverse on B & C channels to allow diffent amps or effects to match up seamlessly.

  • Studio-grade bufferred A output to provide perfect earthing and signal transmission on one channel only, just as it should be.

  • Always-on tuner out.

  • Hand made in Manchester, UK.

  • Note: New version can NOT use a PP3 battery internally due to the space being occupied by new larger transformers, sorry!

  • Seriously amazing custom circuitry designed from the ground-up to be utterly silent and incredibly musical.

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