Trident Transformer Isolated ABC/Y Box

The trident is our ultra clean, triple-output, transformer-isolated boutique ABW switch box. It can silently cure earth loops and phase mismatch whilst letting you drive multiple amps or parallell signal chains with ease.


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Tech specs

  • Transformer isolated B & C outputs to elimante earth loop hum.

  • Ground lift on B & C outputs.

  • Phase reverse on B & C channels to allow diffent amps or effects to match up seamlessly.

  • Studio-grade bufferred A output to provide perfect earthing and signal transmission on one channel only, just as it should be.

  • Always-on tuner out.

  • Hand made in Manchester, UK.

  • Can use a traditional PP3 battery for a return to that natural, free-roaming state of all pedals.

  • Seriously amazing custom circuitry designed from the ground-up to be utterly silent and incredibly musical.

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