SoloBooster Modern

You’ve got your tone. Maybe it’s taken years of searching or maybe it was a lucky find. Nothing else comes close, nothing else will do.

What if you could make it even better?

Is there room in a world saturated with modelling effects for something pure, simple and beautiful?

If what you want is handcrafted, lovingly designed all analogue tone with no compromises this is your stop.

Our pedals offer carefully crafted tone designed to complement and enhance your sound rather than stomp all over it. Rugged, practical enclosures. Robust fault tolerant electronics. Impedance matching buffers to separate and match your existing pedals together.

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SoloBooster Modern Details

  • Natural, pure, sweet solo boost. And much, much more.
  • British console style equalization similar to that found in the best mixing desks ever made.
  • Sweep through a huge range of frequencies and change the character of upper frequencies.
  • Massive amounts of gain allow each control to push the SBM into vintage overdrive territory in different ways for different sonic results without using diodes or aggressive clipping of any sort; just pure JFET input buffer overload for 100% authenticity.
  • Boost effects loop that lets your delay or reverb decay naturally even after you disengage the boost.
  • A/B/Mix outputs to switch between inputs on classic amps...Or even between two amps!
  • Easy access battery compartment.
  • Rugged stomp switch.