The Quarterhorse is a speacialist divide-by-three attenuator that allows owners of massive valve amps of up to 360watts to enjoy the wide range of speaker cabs and attenuators aimed at the 120w and below market.

This unit dissipates a lot of power and so can get really hot, especially with amps over 200w. You should do your best to ensure it has plenty of free air around it and is away from spotlights and other heat sources.

It is important to understand that divide-by-three is a big reduction in power (watts) but only a very small reduction in volume (decibels). This unit will not make your amp quiet, not even slightly!

The Quarterhorse is ideal for owners of epic equipment such as the MESA Triple Rec and SVT amps with 6x 6550 valves.


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Simply connect the Quarterhorse between your amplifier's output and the speaker itself, or to another attenuator to allow you to enjoy the wide range of speaker cabinets, attenuators and other gear designed for more-typical amp users of 120w or less. Our units are built to last using only premium parts, so you can drive them as hard as you like, for as long as you like, without any worry.

  • Suitable for any valve amplifier upto 360 watts.
  • Hand made in Manchester UK using premium parts.
  • 360w In => 120w Out
  • 300w In => 100w Out
  • 180w In => 60w Out
  • 150w In => 50w Out
  • Available in 2, 4 and 8 ohm versions.
  • Lifetime warranty. (See FAQ for full details)
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