Quad Screamer Overdrive Pedal

The Quad Screamer offers four carefully chosen clipping sections which can be used by themselves or combined to blend characteristics whilst increasing headroom for a total of fifteen combinations.

  • SI : Symmetric Silicon. The classic 'screamer sound.
  • LED : Symmetric red LED's. A bigger, slightly warmer, more open sound.
  • MOS : Asymmetric MOSFET. A tighter, more aggressive sound with rich harmonics.
  • GE : Asymetric Germanium. Specially selected NOS russian diodes have a cleaner, smoother sound with a touch of bite.

Each diode option engages our own custom circuitry that compensates levels without altering tone. No more quiet Germanium or loud LED's, they're all all closely matched in volume. When blended the overall headroom and level is increased however, ideal for overloading your amp should you wish.

New features!

  • Hi gain switch : Boosts the dirt right at the front end giving a more full-range boost than the usual tube screamer.
  • Bright switch : Reduces the usual tube screamer high-frequency rolloff allowing just a touch more brightness.

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Tech specs

The Quad Screamer is our first pedal to use our new Trapezoid enclosures with jacks on the back. This design ensures you can fit our pedals tidily on regular or curved pedlaboards whilst minimising space usage and yet leaving us plenty of room for controls at the top.

Internal comonents are chosen to provide you with the absolute best in long-term reliability and versatility:

  • ALPS switches : Best in the business for long life and reliability.
  • Cliff jacks : Made in UK with thicker nickel coating for long life and great tone transfer.
  • Alpha footswitches : Reliable switches with a sensitive click.
  • Alpha pots : Metal shaft, smooth rotation and the current go-to standard in boutique pedals.

Thank you to the thirty kickstarter backers and six website pre-order backers who helped me launch this product during 2021.

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