Tone Lord Multi-Mode Clean Booster

Thanks to the awesome backers of our successful KickStarter project the ToneLord pedal is now available!

The ToneLord offers four carefully sculpted, ultra-quiet, ultra high gain, overloading clean boost tones, is compact yet fits a PP3, is made in Manchester, sounds incredible, looks beautiful and is chock full of ultra high end British components.

This is a unique, boutique pedal for a guitar-shop price.

Buy the ToneLord direct from AudioStorm for only £79

Technical Details

The ToneLord is designed to allow you to boost your valve amp or any analogue system into overload.

  • Pure analogue circuitry.

  • Safe to use with DC supplies of up-to 25v for professional equipment.

  • Four tone eras to travel to and colour your clean boost, plus a neutral one for when you feel like staying home.

    • 60's : Mid boost with treble rolled off.

    • 70's : Bright, wide and balanced.

    • 80's : Sharp, aggressive and peaky.

    • 90's : Well rounded top-end punch.

  • Staggeringly huge amounts of gain which can saturate even the boost itself!

  • Extra switches for 'even more boost' and 'even more tone'!

  • Can use a traditional PP3 battery should you wish!

  • Loads of fantastic British components including the pot (Omeg), rotary switch (Lorlin), jack sockets (Cliff) and more!