Iron Tyrant MkII : Subsonic Murder Wah (Dexter meets Dethklok)

The Iron Tyrant Subsonic Murder Wah is the most badass thing you will put under your foot this year. It's ridiculously, absurdly low frequency, way past anywhere those other wussy wah's go. Whether you merely detune, play 7/8/9/10 string, 6 string bass, 7 sting bass, however you low you go, the Subsonic Murder Wah will take you fatter and lower still, it will do it powerfully and cleanly and with purity, like a storm of nature unleashed and it will do it in brutal style!

Hand made in Manchester, UK. Not a copy, not a clone, our own circuit that took hundreds of revisions to perfect, there are no other wah's that sound like this beast. None!

Blood spatter applied by hand so every pedal is unique.

Spikes come from different suppliers so may differ in how sharp they are but will always be the same general style.

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Technical Details

The Murder Wah begins life as just another sad and miserable far-east wah but is transformed entirely with...

  • Our own unique subsonic wah circuitry!

  • Full-range frequency response for guitar, wah, violin, cello, saxaphone or double-bass!

  • 3PDT true bypass stomp-switch with LED glow under the treadle.

  • Hand cut aluminium deckerplate footplate.

  • Sealed British made wah pot with carefully selected curve for incredible sensitivity and response.

  • Chassis-mounted point-to-point wired input and output jacks.

  • Unique tone you can not buy anywhere else. Period!