HotBox 125i MkV

The HotBox 125i is a multi-stage, multi-mode inductive power attenuator. The HB125 allows you to enjoy the gloriously sweet overload tones of your valve amp running at eleven, but without hearing damage or police knocking on your door.

The 125i is our top-of-the line option with world-class features you wont find on any other attenuator. Period.

The MkV model offers fixed Venue and Studio settings to provide just the perfect amount of reduction whilst being repeatably predictable night-after-night for consistent recording and performance. In Jam mode the infinitely variable practice mode volume control goes from loud enough to aggravate your house-mates to cvompletely silent. In all modes you can select between two different inductive modes (a warmer one and a more midrangey one) plus resistive (bright and modern). The HB125i is built to be driven as hard as you like with any amp of 125 watts or less. It offers two speaker outs and a total bypass for when you don't want it in-line.


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The HotBox 125i is a premium power-attenuator that enables you to drive your valve amp brutally hard into those sweet overload conditions yet output the perfect volume for every situation.

Simply connect the 125i between your amplifier's output and the speaker itself then turn your amp up to overload levels and the excess volume is absorbed leaving you with the true sound of your amp overloading but at a manageable volume.

Tri mode, dual inductive attenuation

Choose between a warm, fully vintage inductor sound, a midrange-focussed, damped inductive sound and a bright, modern resistive sound.


The HB125i has a multi-mode switchable reduction ratio to enable you to choose how loud your amplifier sounds when overloaded. Fixed settings allow for perfect repeatability time-after-time in the studio or on stage. Variable Jam settings allow you to fine tune your valume and play late at night. The HB125 really does do it all!


  • Suitable for any valve amplifier upto 125 watts.
  • Tri-mode attenuation with dual inductive options.
  • Available in 16 ohm, 8 ohm and 4 ohm versions.
  • Two fixed reduction levels (Venue and Studio) plus a variable Jam setting
  • True bypass to let your full volume through for A/B comparisons in the studio
  • Works as a Dummy Load (Set volume to zero in Jam mode and you can disconnect your cab safely)
  • Designed and built in Manchester, UK using only the best components.
  • Dual speaker outputs so you don't have to daisy chain your speaker cabs.
  • Lmited lifetime warranty. (See FAQ for full details)
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