Combo Box

Non-destructive kit to add speaker output jacks to your vintage amplifier combo.

Do you have a classic amplifier such as a Vox AC30 that has a hardwired internal speaker? Would you like to use an attenuator or have maximum connectivity options for an external cab? And do you want to add those features easily, simply, non-destructively and without needing to solder? Then our kit is for you!

The kit includes our special designed breakout box, correctly sized speaker terminals (automotive ones will not fit), Oxygen Free Copper speaker upgrade cable and full instructions. No matter your configuration we provide all the options for a minimally invasive fit.


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  • Combo Box breakout box with screw terminals.
  • 60 cm OFC extension wire terminated in 5.2mm female speaker spades.
  • 40 cm OFC extension wire terminated in 5.2mm male speaker spades.
  • Two way connector block.
  • Adhesive hook & loop strips.
  • Self tapping Screws.
  • Detailed instructions.
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