What is a HotBox?

Valve amps sound their best turned up to eleven but most of us live in a world where neighbours, police, the guys in recording studios and our bleeding eardrums just can't put up with all that volume. That's where the HotBox comes in, it sucks up most of the power your amp puts out and allows you to work it really hard so get that sound, but without the pain.

HB60 Pro
HotBox 60 Pro
HB120 Pro
HotBox 120 Pro
HB125 Inductive
HotBox 125 Inductive


The HotBox is available in four different models to suit all needs:

  • The HotBox 125 is our flagship model with four carefully chosen levels of reduction and a switchable inductor.
    This unit is at the cutting edge and we really think it's the single best sounding attenuator in the world.
  • The HotBox 120 offers switchable reduction and higher power handling to suit amplifiers up to 120watts.
  • The HotBox 60 offers switchable reduction to choose between jamming at home and studio recording levels.

You aren't limited to mere attenuation with our HotBoxes, you can expand any of them to record!

  • The BurnBox is an entirely new design of pure analogue, Inductive Recording DI Speaker Simulator and dummy load that works with any HotBox.
  • The HotLine is a simple and economic dummy load that works with any HotBox, and also includes a Line Out with protective signal limiter that can be used direct-to-desk or with software plug-ins to acheive a speaker simulated recording.