We are continuing, business as usual, throughout and beyond Brexit.

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It has come to our attention that some couriers are charging excessive collection fees in addition to tax and duty. Whilst we can not control this, if you want us to avoid using a particular courier please message us. If you do receive an unexpected tax bill please get in touch before refusing the parcel: It costs us a lot to get goods back and we'd much rather use some of our profit to pay toward those taxes.

General Info
  • UK Customers: No change at all. We've got plenty of parts stocked up and will continue to manufacture, innovate and sell.

  • EU customers: We're still shipping out regularly but you may have to pay local taxes at the point of import on your purchases. Sorry!

  • Rest of World: Same as usual. You pay local taxes at your normal import thresholds. For some places this is quite low and you'll usually pay tax, for others, such as most of the USA, it's quite generous and often you wont pay tax.

Going forward we will eventually have to VAT (tax) register in future. Presently we are under the mandatory registration threshold and so there is no advantage for us to voluntarily register. When we do eventually register this will lower the cost of selling to the EU and worldwide (we can reclaim VAT on parts), but increase the cost of selling within the UK (we will pay VAT on local sales). We will announce that before it happens.

In July 2021 the EU are implementing the OSS tax system. This -may- be something we can utilise to lower prices in the EU after we VAT register. I'm an electronics expert, not a trade-law expert however, so I'll have to get further advice on that.

Wherever you are, thank you for supporting us during this difficult time. Stay well! X

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