New premises!

22nd April 2021

At the end of March I got the opportunity to move into some superb new premises far sooner than expected. This has thrown my whole timeline off wildly but means I can now work faster and more efficiently than before. The new space is around three times bigger than what I had before, and I have so much storage that, for the first time in years, I even have empty cupboards! It's taken me around three weeks to fully move everything but I'm in now so watch this space for all the new products, starting with the Quad Screamer.

New directions

1st March 2021

I've been spending a lot of time on forums, talking about what people want to see, and I've met some cool new contacts so I've decided to re-order my priorities a little. I'm currently working on a new 500 series pre-amp which will kick off a whole range of cost-effective 500 series modules and am working hard to launch the first in a big new range of pedals. The cabsolute/deamplifier remains a top priority but I just feel that this is the right moment to pursue these other things first. It's incredibly tough making choices like this but I'm only one person and have to follow my instinct, and I just feel the time is right to put these other things first.

New products for 2021

29th Jan 2021
  • February: Combo Box kit to allow easy fitting of attenuators to combo amps.

  • Late Feb: Reactive dummy load for recording.

  • April: Expression Box units for both Roland style (3 pin stereo jack) and Line 6 style (2 pin mono jack) that use the same format as our VBM volume boxes.

  • June: The Cabsolute recording solution. (very excited about this one!)

  • July: An active cooling add-on kit that increases the power handling of our 120w HotBoxes to at least 150w.

  • August: A Cabsolute pro or limited edition, maybe...

  • September onward: Compressor and Distoirtion pedals and more...

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