This product is under development complete and first stocks are due any day now (September 2017)!

The BurnBox is an all-analogue Speaker Simulating Direct Recording box that uses passive-inductive equalization to create natural speaker tone and response. It utilises a micro coupling transformer to accurately simulate speaker response followed by two carefully designed inductive coil filters to precisiely replicate high and low frequency resonance and roll-off exactly the same way a real speaker!

The tone is astounding and every bit as good as a vintage speaker being recorded through a world class-microphone!

We're unbelievably pleased with how well this idea has come to life and are sure you'll agree it sounds incredible!



The BurnBox offers both speaker pass-through and an in-built power attenuator suitable for amplifiers of upto 15 watts. As a purely passive device it requires no batteries or power supply and so outputs a low level signal, comparable in level to a guitar. You must us a high impedance (high-z) input for recording, such as a line-in, in order to provide best tone and level.

It can be used with all our HotBoxes in order to work with higher-powered amplifiers.