The lowdown.

All our pedals are built to crazy high spec: Rugged stomp switches, millenium bypass and/or studio grade buffers, kickass pots, sometimes point-to-point wiring, sometimes high-end circuit boards, cutesy lil' rubber feet, swanky nobby components and die-cast aluminium cases. If you want to know something specific, we'll be super happy to answer in mind numbing detail, but mostly you just want it to sound awesome and survive the apocalypse, right? We wont let you down.

Iron Tyrant Murder Wah Photo. Blood spatter and 20 Spikes.

Iron Tyrant Mk2 : Subsonic Murder wah for guitar and bass.

The Iron Tyrant Subsonic Murder Wah is the most badass thing you will put under your foot this year. It's ridiculously, absurdly low frequency, way past anywhere those other wussy wah's go. Whether you merely detune, play 7/8/9/10 string, 6 string bass, 7 sting bass, however you low you go, the Subsonic Murder Wah will take you fatter and lower still, it will do it powerfully and cleanly and with purity, like a storm of nature unleashed and it will do it in brutal style!


Temporarily out of stock whilst we work on other projects, sorry!

VBM Volume box

AudioStorm VBM : Mono master volume control

The AudioStorm VBM is a British made, very high quality, volume control box.

Many amplifiers are designed so that their built-in volume controls change the tone as they are turned up.
The Marshall JCM800, just as one example, is designed to get warmer and less harsh as you turn it up.

Nearly all valve amps also use cascaded gain stages and the volume control is often in the middle of this. This means that unless you turn the volume right up on the amp the pre-amp valves don't interact. This leaves you stuck with a sound that goes from too-clean to too-grotty.

With a volume box after your pedals and before your amp you get more control and more tone from your amplifier. It really is that simple.

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VBM Volume box

AudioStorm VBS : Stereo Audiophile Master Volume Control

The AudioStorm VBS is a British made, high quality, stereo (and mono) volume control box for Audiophiles, Recording Studios and uncompromising musicians.

The VBS uses a very high quality British made Omeg sealed 100k Logarithmic stereo potentiometer with a firm turn motion that resists being being accidentally jogged. It is ideal for use in recording studios, with high end hi-fi systems, instrument amplifiers or absolutely anywhere you need top quality control.

The sockets fit 1/4" TRS stereo jacks and work in stereo (TRS) or mono (TS) without any adjustment.

Temporarily out of stock whilst we work on other projects, sorry!

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